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2016 9th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology.

Welcome to meet us in ICCSIT 2016 in Limerick City, Ireland during December 7-12, 2016, share the valuable experiences with the scientist and scholars around the world.

ICCSIT 2013 - Dec 20-21, 2013 - Paris, France

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Best Presentation Award

Session 1
Mode-based Scheduling with Fast Mode-signaling-A Method for Efficient Usage of Network Time Slots
Presented by Tobias Braun
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Session 2
Managing Product Variants by Project Centralization
Presented by Lei Ma
The University of Tokyo, Japan

Session 3
Automatic Judgment System for Chinese Retroflex and Dental Affricates Pronounced by Japanese Students
Presented by Akemi Hoshino
Toyama National College of Technology, Japan

Session 4
Clustering Analysis with Combination of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and k-means Technique
Presented by Mohammad Reza Farmani
University of Cagliari, Italy



Thank for the following speakers who had delivered excellent keynote speeches on ICCSIT 2013:

Prof. Cen Li, from Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Speech Title: Developing Peer Space for Social Network based Collaborative Learning


DR. BRANISLAV VUKSANOVIC, from University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK
Speech Title: PCA, SVD and ICA - Making sense of multidimensional data


DR. Huang Letian, from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Speech Title: Fault Tolerant Network-on-Chip´╝ÜCircuit-Architecture Co-optimization


Prof. Fillia Makedon, from The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Speech Title:Smart Rehabilitation Technologies

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